The Upside Down Vintage Calendar

March 2. 2018

It is funny how many folk on their Altitude tour are shocked, we all know that down under winter is summer and summer is winter, but still it seems to surprise people that at the end of March we start our grape harvest in Central Otago! With that in mind we thought we would help…..

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Historic Coal Pit

It’s all in the name

February 17. 2018

Naming your new vineyard and winery can be a huge challenge for some. You can go standard and name it after your owner or someone historic in the family like Valli and Carrick, you might name it after your location like Felton Road, or you might be able to find a cool back story. Here…..

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The Wooing tree in Winter

The Story of the Wooing Tree

December 20. 2017

Wooing Tree Wines is named after an iconic tree, a Pinus Radiata, that sits proudly close to the middle of the vineyard. While we love the Wooing Tree wines the tree itself provides a great story also. As the story goes this one particular Pinus Radiata pine measuring over 21 meters in height has been…..

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Gibbston Valley Wines cellar

The Science of Making Wine With Christopher Keys

December 4. 2017

We’re back with another Altitude video and and this time we’re at the famous Gibbston Valley Winery So if you’ve ever been on a wine cave tour you’d know it gets pretty scientific after the first taster. So we are going to actually chat to one of the winemakers ,and chat to them about what…..

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It Is Always Champagne TIme

November 7. 2017

Champagne, Prosecco, Cava, sparking wine, Methode Traditionalle – they all mean the same to me – as good as mothers milk and a solution to any occasion! But are they the same? How are they made? What is the difference? Strictly speaking they are nothing alike at all but they are definitely all exactly the…..

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Twilight Tour Craft Beer Quiz

Test Your Kiwi Craft Beer Knowledge

November 7. 2017

We recently had Henry, Lauren and the LWB TV crew out for an amusing afternoon testing Henry’s skills at tasting some of our local craft beers. Needless to say he wasn’t very good – but that did not stop us having some most excellent fun. How good is your beer tasting skills do this think?

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