Road to Regenerative Tourism

We’re committed to the future.

Here at Altitude Tours we care about the epic landscape we are fortunate to live, work and play in and that’s why we’re committed to running a regenerative business that conserves and protects our natural, social and cultural environment. The locations we operate in have unique ecosystems, biodiversity and resources and therefore we conduct our business in a mindful and sustainable manner that ensures the protection and preservation of the local environment for generations to come.

We’re committed to delivering a world-class visitor experience for Queenstown and New Zealand and ensuring that New Zealand’s tourism sector is prosperous, attracts ongoing investment and looks after the people working in the industry. We consistently put emphasis and effort into improving all aspects of our operations from customer experience to sustainable business practices and company culture. 

We fund the planting of 1 NZ native tree for every day we operate (365 days of the year), through an organisation called ‘Trees That Count’. We make donations to numerous local events, groups and charities, and also support other local community initiatives such as Kiwi Welcome, the Wakatipu Reforestation Trust and the Queenstown Trails Trust.

Altitude Tours proudly received Qualmark Gold in 2020 & 2021, recognising us as a business leading the way in making the NZ tourism industry a world-class sustainable visitor destination and we hold all required Department of Conservation (DOC) consents and permits.

We currently operate fuel efficient modern Mercedes vehicles. As hydrogen and electric vehicle technology improves we are committed to transitioning our fleet to sustainable solutions, for all tours including the journey from Queesntown to Milford Sound.

For more detailed information on how we take environmental and commercial sustainability seriously click here.