May 14. 2020

Altitude’s Twilight Wine & Craft Beer tour provides the perfect setting to explore some of Queenstown’s best haunts as well as try the incredible diversity of local wine and beer that our talented locals have created. We’re all about promoting local goodness, and each year we are excited to see the increasing popularity of craft beer.

In the last few years craft beer has taken the world by storm with Queenstown being no exception. From humble beginnings in home garages to becoming well-established brands nationwide with their tasty brews; our craft breweries are making their mark with delicious classics and interesting innovations that will leave you wanting more. So if you’re in Queenstown and want to try some of our local brews, here’s the down-low on where to go!

Queenstown Brewers

Queenstown Brewers is a small brewing company started by home brewer and local winemaker John Wallace (and friends) back in 2012.   Like most great craft beer brewing stories, John created his range from the ‘back shed’ and managed to keep his mates well hydrated – that’s where the ‘friends’ come in! From their early days tinkering at home to what you see now on supermarket shelves, Queenstown Brewers has kept the philosophy of using “only locally grown malt and hops in the beer production” With great beers focused on incorporating local flavours, it’s fair to say that keeping it local is their priority!

Although you can’t taste their beers on site at the brewery, their brews are available in a great selections of local bars and restaurants!

Cargo Brewery

Cargo Brewery has captured the imagination of many in this industry with its unique and innovative brewery and craft beers. 

Based out in Gibbston, a visit to Cargo at Waitiri Creek is a must! With a beer garden pouring their incredible local brews from converted shipping containers as well as a beautiful converted church housing the perfect tasting space for their beers and a selection of notable local wines, the picturesque setting is perfect to sit back and relax as you enjoy a tasty local beer (or wine). It doesn’t stop there! Cargo have also planted their own hops on site, and for those feeling a bit more active there is a selection of outdoor activities to enjoy in the sunshine. This is a definite ‘must do’ if you want to try incredible local beer in an epic setting!

As of late 2019, Cargo are also offering their beers from a new location at Gantley’s Cottage in Arthurs Point. With great history and character, and a fantastic outdoor space, this is bound to be a success with the support of locals and tourists alike.

Try their delicious flavour-packed Pale Ale or for something more indulgent try their silk Porter with it’s full-bodied flavours of coffee, chocolate, and buttercotch (yum!).

Waitiri Creek Wines

Searchlight Brewery

Based only a short distance from central Queenstown, Searchlight Brewery is a small independently owned and operated craft brewery in Industrial Place off Gorge Road – tucked away in an alleyway, it’s some-what of a local secret! From humble beginnings, this quirky little establishment has been built through dedication and hard work. They pour their passion and love for a good beer into every vat and it shows in their lineup of quirky, fun, and very drinkable beers!  They promote their creations in a Three Beer Series:                 

  • Search Series: Search series is about the traditional styles, allowing individuals new to the beer world to search for a style (or styles) they might like. Brewed in a more traditional way, they are a great introduction to beer basics!
  • Evolve Series: Evolve series is all about the craft beer movement and where it is heading. Focusing on the craft beer movement and contributing to developing the best of what’s out there in the wonderful, ever-changing craft beer world.
  • Seek Series: Seek out new and interesting ingredients. In the seek series they seek out fresh and local ingredients to add to their beers. Whether it’s locally grown berries or edible natives, new flavours aren’t far away!

Altitude Brewing

Although in no way associated with us here at Altitude Tours, we do think they have an excellent name – and fantastic beers to match!

Based in Frankton Marina, these guys are producing some seriously tasty, multi-award winning beverages crafted with passion and innovation whilst honouring the traditions of what constitutes good craft beer. Their tag line puts it’s simply, ‘If You’re Dedicated To Good Times In The Mountains, These Are Your Beers’.

For a tasty and fresh take the traditional IPA, try Altitude‘s ‘Mischievous Kea’ or if you’re feeling adventurous why not check out the latest of their Expeditions series!

Crimson Badger Brewing

Here’s something a bit different! Crimson Badger Brewing are a small brewing company making an EPIC alcoholic Ginger Beer from the garage of it’s two local Queenstown owners.  Available locally on tap or in bottles over the counter, this tasty and refreshing brew is a must try! You can grab one from Atlas Beer Cafe on Steamer Wharf (Atlas also offer a fantastic selection of other local brews and great food too!).

The Mischievous Kea from Altitude Brewing

Canyon Food & Brew Co.

Canyon’s award-winning beer is crafted onsite in it’s brewery overlooking the beautiful Shotover River. Open to the public, Canyon’s brewery provides a great opportunity to see what is involved in creating a tasty craft beer! With four regular brews and two taps that rotate seasonally, they have a great selection of ‘approachable’ and ‘memorable’ beers that they believe have the perfect balance between easy drinking and interesting flavours.  Their delicious brews paired with excellent food prepared on site provides a tasty and thoroughly memorable experience.

Something new that we can highly recommend would be the Canyon Schwarzbier Dark Lager:  Quenching & refreshing, this Dark Lager presents aromas of cola and coffee berry with flavours of chocolate, vanilla, malt, and even a hint of rum!

Only a short drive from Queenstown, it would be a shame not to visit Canyon Food & Brew.

Why choose our Twilight Wine & Craft Beer tour?

Our Twilight Wine & Craft Beer tour is perfect for individuals, couples, and groups alike who are looking to get amongst the local craft beer scene.

Departing in the late afternoon from central Queenstown, we’ll take you to some of the best local breweries in a fun, relaxed, and safe environment so that you can just relax and enjoy yourself. What’s even better is that if your other half or other members in your group aren’t as crazy about craft beer as you are, they can opt for wine tastings instead… at every location!

For further information, pricing, and availability, visit out Twilight Wine & Craft Beer page.

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