The best memories are made of moments you can’t plan for, so stop obsessing over the weather in the Milford Sound, and start focusing on soaking up the breathtaking views of the most picturesque fiord in New Zealand. 

The Milford Sound is known for two things:

Sustaining the title “one of the wettest places in the world” and being one of the most visited and majestic landscapes in New Zealand.

The fiord is home to several permanent waterfalls, exposed and enhanced with every downpour. However, if you are lucky enough to get significant rainfall, new waterfalls are revealed in the already magical and lush fiord. 

Truth be told, visiting the Milford Sound on a rainy day is a huge part of the experience. This is the natural environment the ecosystem thrives in after all. On the flipside, the Milford Sound on a clear, sunny day is much like Wellington on a good day – you just can’t beat it!

But why is it that we make our decision to explore the glorious fiord based on the weather, when it is spectacular regardless of mother nature’s tendencies?

Glorious Milford Sound rain

As human beings we are inclined to plan, so throwing around the term ‘four seasons in a day’ does create some mental chaos! And let us tell you, this term isn’t used lightly when it comes to the moody fiord.

The reality is, no matter what season you plan your experience for, you are likely to dabble in both rain and shine along the way. So, why not embrace that? As that really is where the unrivalled natural beauty of the Milford Sound comes alive.  

Appreciate that every day, no matter what the weather, the Milford Sound offers an enriched experience of natural beauty. While you can’t guarantee sun and blue skies (or rain for that matter, focus on what you can plan for instead – soaking up the pure beauty of what’s been classed ‘The Eighth Wonder of the World’. 

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