So you’re all dolled up: you’ve found the perfect wide brim hat and floral dress. You’re ready to hop aboard our luxury Mercedes and travel in style across Queenstown’s finest wine regions. During your journey, relax and soak up the picturesque Central Otago landscape. We want your trip to be as seamless and fun as possible. Wardrobe malfunctions have no place here.

With that in mind, here are our top 5 tips on what *not* to wear on a wine tour, from your pals at Altitude Tours… Because we’ve seen our fair share of outfit catastrophes, and we don’t want you to be next.

High Heels: Although our drivers will happily snap photos of your group all dolled up amongst the vines, they do get tired of rescuing snapped stilettos from the dirt. Comfortable walking shoes are essential for a day spent exploring the wineries. There’s lots of walking across grass and uneven terrain. If you do want to wear a pair of heels, we suggest something with a flat heel like a wedge or boot. Most wine tasting takes place standing: you want to be comfortable on your feet all day (especially after a couple of wines…!) so please, leave the high heels at home or bring a pair of more comfortable shoes that you can change into as the day goes on.

Strong Perfumes: When you’re tasting wine, you rely on all your senses to explore the wine’s appearance, pallet and nose. Strong perfumes or body sprays could potentially interfere with your tasting experience and impact the overall integrity of the wine. We suggest going scent free for a day at the vineyards, to get the most out of your tasting experience.

White: Look, you do you babe, but we’ve seen our fair share of pinot spilled over the years, and we’d hate for your white dress to be another victim.

No Casual Dress: Leave the trackies and yoga pants at home. A day at the wineries is a chance to dress up. While you don’t have to go overboard and don a ball gown, we recommend smart casual. Lots of layers are also a good idea, since the weather has a tendency to change quite quickly in the Otago region.

DO WEAR: Sun protection. No matter the time of year, the sun is strong in New Zealand. It’s important that you wear SPF sun cream, and bring a hat and sunglasses. Even if you’re joining us in autumn or winter, we still recommend sun protection.

So what are the best outfit for a wine tour? Ultimately, it’s up to you! Remember that this is your day and it should be as much fun as possible. Consider these tips when deciding on your outfit, but don’t let them limit you — there’s no wrong answer here. Wear what makes you feel good! Enjoy yourself and have some delicious wine while doing so.