Quick Wine Facts
  • Owners: Stephen and Thea Farquharson, Jane and Geoff Bews.
  • Grape varieties: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris,
  • Size: 18 ha single vineyard site
  • Date first planted: 2002, first vintage in 2005
  • Wine labels: Wooing Tree
  • Winemaker: Peter Bartle
  • Viticulturist: Geoff Bews

Wooing Tree

You simply can not get any closer to Cromwell than Wooing Tree – literally growing into the town. And the Cromwell locals have more than just it’s proximity to town in common with this vineyard.

The Wooing Tree

Aptly named after a large single Pinus Radiata pine tree which has been the scene as local legend has it of many a blossoming romance, de-flowerings, marriage proposal, and baby production – a wooing tree.

‘How many wives led single lives, romance was not a starter, until they fell beneath the spell of the Pinus Radiata’.

The 18 hectare vineyard you see on your Altitude Tour is the only vineyard within the Wooing Tree estate. It is family run producing large weighty ‘Pinot with Passion’. One of our favourite wines (from anywhere ever) is the Wooing Tree Blondie Blanc de Noir – that is white wine made from black/Pinot Noir grapes. We just can’t get enough of it on a hot afternoon falling off the veranda!

You can find out more on the story of the Wooing Tree and the full poem in our full article here.