Tasting different wines on tour

A Customers Perspective of a Sampler Tour

January 19. 2018

We recently had Chloe, a Queenstown local, out on tour with us. Chloe works as a Business Analyst at local Queenstown company South Inc and came out as part of a work function. After the trip we sat down with Chloe to get a customers perspective on Altitude Tours. Altitude: Hi Chloe, thanks for coming…..

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ng Truck at Waitiri Creek

When Henry Became A Beer Salesman at Cargo Brewery

January 5. 2018

In this Altitude piece we are back on the craft beers here at Waitiri creek Winery we have gravitated to this beautiful Bedford truck  Henry struggled with our last beer feature. So just for kicks I’ve given him more of a challenge and made Henry the Cargo Brewery sales rep. This doesn’t make any sense…..

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The Wooing tree in Winter

The Story of the Wooing Tree

December 20. 2017

Wooing Tree Wines is named after an iconic tree, a Pinus Radiata, that sits proudly close to the middle of the vineyard. While we love the Wooing Tree wines the tree itself provides a great story also. As the story goes this one particular Pinus Radiata pine measuring over 21 meters in height has been…..

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A Chat With Kinross

December 19. 2017

Watch when Lauren Prebble from LWBTV visited Lizzie and Adam from Kinross to understand their project and taste a “cheeky” Rosé from Coal Pit Wines.  Video transcript: This story starts out in the pioneering days. Here there was a trading post who provided supplies for neighbouring gold miners who had acquired land. If their bill…..

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A day at Mount Rosa with Guy Bonas and LWBTV

A Day With Guy Boanas of Mount Rosa Wines

December 10. 2017

It started off as a simple rams paddock. By 1903 a great snowfall happened and it killed most of the stock. By the seventies the first vines were trialled and planted.  But, the rabbits and the sheep got to them. Drunks! So what happened next. We catch with the guy from Mount Rosa wines to…..

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Gibbston Valley Wines cellar

The Science of Making Wine With Christopher Keys

December 4. 2017

We’re back with another Altitude video and and this time we’re at the famous Gibbston Valley Winery So if you’ve ever been on a wine cave tour you’d know it gets pretty scientific after the first taster. So we are going to actually chat to one of the winemakers ,and chat to them about what…..

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