The Perfect Day in Glenorchy

October 19. 2018

Lord of the Rings film locations and the most scenic drive in New Zealand. Any self-respecting Lord of the Rings movie fan will already know that New Zealand equals‘Middle Earth’. Kiwi director Peter Jackson made the most of the spectacular landscapes already on his doorstep, winning over even those viewers who initially questioned their affinity…..

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Glenorchy film set

Glenorchy: Amazing enough to be a movie set

September 2. 2018

It is no surprise to visitors of the picturesque village of Glenorchy that the area is home to many movies including of course New Zealand’s greatest export – the Lord of the Rings. In fact, in many cases the scenery of Glenorchy has become more famous than the actors themselves. No trip to New Zealand…..

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The Secret of Glenorchy

August 29. 2018

The sign says 46km as you leave Queenstown on your day trip to Glenorchy; and this will be one of the most spectacular 46km you will ever travel. The 1 hour trip to Glenorchy is considered one of the most scenic roadways in the world as it winds it way along Lake Wakatipu. Opened in…..

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A Customer’s Perspective of a Twilight Wine & Craft Beer Tour

May 16. 2018

We recently had Sally, a Queenstown local, out on tour with us. Sally works for the Everything Travel Group and came out with her mum and aunty who were on holiday from the UK. Here’s Sally’s insight into the Queenstown Twilight wine and craft beer tour. Altitude: Hi Sally, thanks for coming out with us…..

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The Upside Down Vintage Calendar

March 2. 2018

It is funny how many folk on their Altitude tour are shocked, we all know that down under winter is summer and summer is winter, but still it seems to surprise people that at the end of March we start our grape harvest in Central Otago! With that in mind we thought we would help…..

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Historic Coal Pit

It’s all in the name

February 17. 2018

Naming your new vineyard and winery can be a huge challenge for some. You can go standard and name it after your owner or someone historic in the family like Valli and Carrick, you might name it after your location like Felton Road, or you might be able to find a cool back story. Here…..

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